Makes learning PHP palatable.

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Nutmeg is a learning tool for PHP educators (and students). It provides a minimal wrapper around students PHP exercises in a way which handles mistakes gracefully, helps students and teachers understand their code, and takes care of basic things which students shouldn't have to write in a PHP class, like table styles.


  • Prepare a set of PHP exercises for Students to try out
  • Web front-end for listing exercises
  • Side-by-side comparison of students code and output, in the browser
  • PHP syntax highlighting
  • Graceful error handling for student's code
  • Custom themes
  • GPL v2 licenced
  • Pretty variable inspection with LadyBug

Nutmeg for educators

Nutmeg helps you help student to learn PHP, by providing a way to serve up PHP exercises in a relatively straightforward way.

Getting set up


  1. Download or checkout the latest version of Nutmeg.
  2. Run composer install to get the dependencies and autoloaders built.
  3. Visit /config to customise the project settings.
  4. Visit /exercises to customise the individual exercises.
  5. Each exercise is a simple PHP file.

Nutmeg for students

If you don't already know PHP, Nutmeg is not currently ready for you to start using it without the supervision of a tutor.


Nutmeg is in Alpha. Its basic code loading and viewing features are complete, but are not extensively tested.

Some of the features we have in mind:

  • Load sample code into exercise view
  • Better syntax highlighting
  • File dependency handling for exercises (e.g. form handling)
  • Argument and global variable handlers
  • PHP function reference
  • Code inspection tools (eg Kint, Krumo etc)
  • Helpful error messages

Who made this?

Nutmeg is written and maintained by Chris Skene. Pull requests welcome.

Nutmeg is licenced under GPL v2. Feel free to reuse it as you see fit, but please consider referencing us if you do.